BGA Reballing and Robotic Hot Solder Dip Solutions


AS9100 and ISO 9001 Certified


BGA Reballing Starter Kit

  The SolderQuik® Reballing Starter Kit is the perfect solution for low volume BGA reballing. Ideally suited for labs and prototyping, the kit contains many items needed to get started literally right out of the box and easily fits into your current processing environment.




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The SolderQuik® BGA Reballing Starter Kit is housed in a black plastic carrying case and includes:

  • Flux syringe of WS-609 Flux
    (MSDS for WS-609)
  • One (1) 250ml bottle with flip top lid for easy dispensing of de-ionized water
  • Cleaning tray
  • Other small tools and supplies needed in the process including tweezers, ESD cleaning brush, acid brushes, desoldering braid, conductive mat, and IPA wipes
  • MSDS sheets

  The Customer will need to have the following on hand:
  1. Oven recommended for moisture removing bake
  2. Soldering iron or some other tool for removing residual solder
  3. Hot air reflow system, convection oven, or conveyor reflow oven
  4. Deionized Water
  5. Soaking beaker for cleaning fixtures
  6. Microscope (optional for inspection)