Dale Albright
Sales and Marketing Manager

CELEBRATES 20 YEARS in business

Milpitas, CA - December 9, 2006 Winslow Automation, Inc., an industry leader in lead finish technology equipment and consumables, announced today that it is celebrating its 20 year anniversary. Soldering technology equipment includes both table top and a freestanding robotic lead tinning machine known as the FlexLine. Winslow Automation, Inc.s SolderQuik Ball Grid Array (BGA) Preform is an economical consumable product which provides a unique BGA reballing solution that eliminates the need for stencils, loose solder balls, and solder paste in the reballing process. In 1998, SolderQuik was recognized by Surface Mount Technology magazine as a Vision Award Rework and Repair Product of the Year.

As the need for subcontract services grew and outpaced the demand for new equipment, Winslow Automation expanded its operations to include a service division known as SIX SIGMA.  Utilizing its own FlexLine equipment to hot solder dip millions of components annually, SIX SIGMA has become and remains the premier lead finish subcontractor.  As a natural extension to its soldering technology and services, Winslow Automation acquired Raychem Corporation's SolderQuik Products in 1996. Since acquiring the SolderQuik product line, Winslow Automation has reengineered the SolderQuik CCMD technology to accommodate column grid array applications on full land grid array components.  In 2001, SIX SIGMA, was the recipient of the Advanced Packaging Award for its column attach services technology for ruggedizing COTS components.

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