Dale Albright
Sales and Marketing Manager

SIX SIGMA Achieves Transitional QML Certification

MILPITAS, Calif. – Oct. 6, 2008 - SIX SIGMA announced today that it has achieved MIL-PRF-38535 Transitional Qualified Manufacturer Listing (QML) from the Defense Logistics Agency for its column attach and robotic hot solder dip processes. SIX SIGMA (a business unit of Winslow Automation, Inc.) is a leading provider of column attach, robotic solder dip, BGA reballing, and failure analysis services for the electronic component packaging industry.


SIX SIGMA provides services for the alteration of microelectronic components for use in high-reliability, military, and aerospace applications.  SIX SIGMA was founded in 1990 as a service division of Winslow Automation, Inc. (Winslow Automation, Inc. dba SIX SIGMA) providing robotic hot solder dipping (lead finish) services and related testing for the semiconductor and printed circuit board industries. Today, SIX SIGMA’s multi-million dollar custom-designed facility is located in the heart of the fast-paced, cutting-edge Silicon Valley. Primary services include; column attach, ball attach, hot solder dip, environmental testing and failure analysis. In addition, SIX SIGMAholds DSCC commercial laboratory suitability status for hermeticity testing. Components processed by SIX SIGMA are in applications that vary from the most sophisticated missile guidance systems, to the engine controllers in commercial airlines, to automobile passive restraint systems. Today, SIX SIGMA is a recognized leader in semiconductor lead finish - processing millions of high-reliability semiconductor components each year.

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