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BGA Preforms

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Winslow Automation's patented SolderQuik® BGA Preform
is the solution to all of your ball attach and BGA reballing needs.



Product Overview

Originally developed by Raychem Corporation in 1994, the SolderQuik® Solder Preform is THE low-volume ball attach solution. It is an easy, fast, and low-cost technique for BGA reballing in volumes ranging from a few to several thousand. The wide variety of available patterns makes the SolderQuik® BGA Preform an attractive and flexible solution for BGA reballing requirements.  Typical applications include prototyping, small volume runs, quality to reliablity testing, and reballing of BGA components.



What is the SolderQuik® BGA Preform?


The patented SolderQuik® BGA Preform consists of an array of solder spheres embedded in a water soluble carrier. The preforms can be made in almost any possible array pattern, including various pitches and ball diameters.

SolderQuik® BGA Preforms will accurately place a new array of solder spheres relying on simple physical properties rather than operator skill. Winslow places the solder spheres within a 0.0004" tolerance in the carrier material. The preform process relies on edge registration with the package to align the array on the package, and the self-centering characteristics of eutectic solder perfectly centers the solder balls to the pads during reflow.

Alternatively, alignment fixtures are available to ensure ease of use.



What are the benefits to using the SolderQuik® BGA Preform?


Delivery is typically within 1-2 business days for orders under 200 preforms.


Learning to use the preform takes less than 10 minutes.  Simply flux, apply, and reflow!


Small volume ball attach methods using stencils generally require you to have a different stencil for all of your different array patterns, which gets very expensive.

Winslow Automation currently has a growing database of "standard" array patterns, with new ones being added all the time. We use very flexible tooling to make our preforms. Even if we don't currently have the pattern you need, for a small programming charge we can make nearly any pattern from your drawing .


The SolderQuik® BGA Reballing Preforms are designed to work well with the equipment and tools you already have. You can use them with almost any reflow system (convection oven or reflow oven), and they work well alongside most rework stations used for component removal and preparation.

Better Throughput Means Lower Labor Costs

Using stencil methods with either loose solder spheres or solder paste, you can typically process only one component at a time.

Using SolderQuik® BGA Reballing Preforms, you can process many parts at the same time with only a few minutes of extra labor. Using preforms, those parts could all just as easily have different pitches, array patterns, and ball diameters.

Proven Technology

Originally developed by Raychem Corporation in 1994, the Solderquik Preform received the SMT Product of the Year Award in 1998.  Since then, its low cost, quick turn, east of use & reliability are unmatched.



SolderQuik® BGA Reballing Preform
Technical Specifications

Ball Dia. Acceptable Pitch Min.
Solder Alloy Body Size (Range)
mm in. 1.27
mm Pb Free Pb mm
0.762 0.030 0.90 Sn96.5-
3.5 by


85 by
0.635 0.025 0.90
0.610 0.024 0.80
0.559 0.022 0.80
0.508 0.020 0.75
0.457 0.018 0.75
0.381 0.015 0.65
0.330 0.013 0.65
* Our Pb Free composition is known as SAC305



Reflow Process

Ensure all parts are cleaned and baked before reflow

1) Insert Preform
2) Check Alignment
3) Apply Paste Flux
4) Insert BGA
5) Reflow
6) Moisten & Remove Paper


Order your BGA Preforms!
BGA preforms are "built to order".

Estimated ship date within 3-4 business days, subject to factory loading.



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