BGA Reballing and Robotic Hot Solder Dip Solutions


AS9100 and ISO 9001 Certified


Robotic Hot Solder Dip System


Winslow Automation perfected the FlexLine Solder System because of the need for dependable, high-volume lead tinning capacity in our internal operations. Designed around a computer-controlled, four-axis robotic handling system, FlexLine meets stringent MIL SPEC demands and provides precision lead tinning for a variety of through-hole and surface mount devices.

Improved Tinning Efficiency

With its proven reliability and efficiency, FlexLine improves yields regardless of the package type. Winslow Automation created powerful operating software to control FlexLine efficiency. Once programmed by engineering or production, the system repeats tinning cycles dependably. Because programming the software is easy, device changeover can be accommodated in just minutes.

User-Friendly Design

For all its productivity, the FlexLine Solder System occupies less than 9-sq. ft. and is operator-friendly. Little to no operator intervention is required. In run mode, the operator is needed at load and unload only. The computerized process management system provides temperature control, specification monitoring, and automatic shutdown to prevent wasteful, out-of-spec run cycles. On-screen maintenance alerts minimize costly downtime.

Adaptable to Your Process

The FlexLine System incorporates three modular, custom-designed process stations - flux tank, wave solder tank, and rinse tank - and provides integral exhausting and safety shields for operator protection. This same easy-to-maintain modular design also provides flexibility, so that processes can be quickly adapted to either run volume production or a few prototypes. Optional accessories let you grow the FlexLine System to fit your process requirements, including preheat, forced air cool down, and heated rinse.