BGA Reballing and Robotic Hot Solder Dip Solutions


AS9100 and ISO 9001 Certified





Winslow Automation, Inc. has been advancing lead finish and soldering technology for the military & aerospace, medical, telecommunications, and consumer electronics industry since its inception in 1986. Winslow Automation, Inc. provides consumables, equipment, and services to the semiconductor industry through two distinct operating divisions. The products division, Winslow Automation, Inc., designs and manufactures soldering consumables and equipment. The services division, SIX SIGMA, provides microelectronic component packaging services and testing including component lead finish and restoration (robotic hot solder dip, reballing, ball attach), and component lead ruggedization (column attach and high lead ball attach), component lead-finish and package integrity testing (Hermeticity Testing, Ionic Cleanliness Testing, Solderability Testing) and component failure analysis and analytical testing (Acoustic Micro-Imaging, SEM-EDS, X-Ray Fluorescence) to the semiconductor industry.

Russell Winslow founded Winslow Automation, Inc., in December 1986. The original products were patented solder pallets. These pallets were designed to adapt lead tinning of surface mount technology (SMT) ICs to the high volume wave soldering process. In addition to pallets, Winslow Automation also designed custom automation equipment for local semiconductor companies. The proliferation of SMT technology in circuit assemblies created a need to provide lead tinning of SMT components that could not be adapted to pallets or other methods of automated soldering. Recognizing this need led to the development of the FlexLine Solder Module.

In 1990, a plan was initiated to expand the business to include a service organization to process parts for customers that could not justify their own purchase of the FlexLine thereby leading to the establishment of SIX SIGMA. This part of Winslow Automation provides hot solder lead finish services and related testing services, and failure analysis services for the semiconductor and printed circuit board industries. Services like BGA ball attach, reballing, and column attach fill a need in a niche market and continue to competitively position Winslow Automation for growth and success.

Components processed by SIX SIGMA are found in applications that vary from the most sophisticated guidance systems, to the engine controllers in commercial airlines, to automobile passive restraint systems. The first customer parts were processed in December of 1990. Today SIX SIGMA is a recognized leader in semiconductor lead finish, processing millions of high reliability semiconductor components each year. In 1998, the Ball Grid Array Preform was recognized by Surface Mount Technology Magazine as the 1998 Vision Rework and Repair Product of the Year. SMT Vision Awards recognize the people and products within the surface mount industry that serve as benchmarks for excellence. In 2001, the column attach service was recognized by Advanced Packaging Magazine for excellence in the interconnection category.